Hello, I have a bad news, Jotex shard didnt success for too long, the files has been sent mccomb whos gonna host the shard now, the server is now located in Usa but im pretty sure the new host will be lagless and all bug will be sloved on time, prepare screenshots of your all chars, because skills stats and age will be transfered to the new server (items wont be). The website will be updated only with info about the new shard. Join #neverlands-phoenix @ darkmyst.org - irc channel. I wish everyone good luck! www.neverlandsphoenix.org .

Long time since last update, this time I have fixed all errors on Credits and Mounts setions. SA rares have been implement again, also Champion Spawns, which im trying to find. And the most important update is on price guide. Moving on to RUNNL taking longer than we expected, personally I hope it won't happen.

After a year and a half Neverlands shard has been reborn, the server was moved to Amsterdam, all items and chars were lost, so we're playing from scratch. I'm very happy that NL is back up again, and even more happy because of the playerbase raise. Still working on the website, because I had no access to the game while making it, much of the info might be wrong, trying to sort it out. Please be patient and remember that your support is always welcome, if you found any info on this website that might not be correct - please email me, also if you know any better/faster way to train some skill, let me know! Have fun playing and don't forget to vote!!

Also join irc.darkmyst.org #neverlands channel.

What is Neverlands? a free Ultima Online shard, this Shard is a gist of the best Ultima Online experience you have ever seen, with completely unique scripts, items and much more... hard to say about everything in short, just keep browsing my website. Most of free shards are just another clones of the OSI shard, but Neverlands is something more. The shard is still being modified to become even better. Our shard has been created in 2001. The server is placed in Italy, on a very stable high-end connection. If you want to begin playing on our lovely shard go to How to start section, also check official site: www.neverlandsuo.org.